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The rich smells of smoke roll off the BBQ grills as the sounds of children playing and laughing fill the air. The colorful inflatables and rides make your event site look like a cartoon that's been brought to life. You pinch yourself then realize that this isn't a dream... it's your perfect event! While other providers sell equipment, attractions and food, we provide experiences that will last a lifetime!

Company Picnic Rentals

Company picnics are our specialty! Whether you're planning an event for 10 or 10,000, Bounce It Out Events has the people, equipment and professionalism to impress your company picnic guests and your boss! We want to turn you and your staff into event planning superheroes! We have produced company picnics and corporate events for the biggest companies in the world and we want to rock your next company event! We offer turn-key full event planning services but will do as little or as much as you'd like us to do. Our goal is to leave you and your guests blown away and to take a step back at the end of the event, so that you can take the bow!

Company Picnic Catering

Even the greatest event is worthless without the people there to enjoy it. That's why we have designed our partnership program with custom posters, flyers and even a custom website allowing guests to RSVP to the event. Just one of the many ways we help do the heavy lifting and keep you from sweating the small stuff. We know that every detail counts and that it's the many little wows that add up to the BIG WOW!

Don't waste another minute stressing about your event. Fill out the contact form here (insert hyperlink) and one of our company picnic planning professionals will contact you on how we can help make your next event the BEST EVENT EVER!!!

How much does a company picnic cost?
We produce company picnics of all sizes and budgets. A company picnic can cost as little as a couple thousand dollars or as much as several hundred thousand dollars. It all depends on what you want to do. The typical company picnic costs approximately $3,500 for about 100 people. If you want to add catering or other awesome attractions to your event, the cost will go up.

Where can I have a company picnic?
There are many great company picnic venues in Georgia. We always suggest using a venue that allows you the greatest amount of flexibility in bringing your own food vendors and allowing you to do what you want. Finding a venue with ample PARKING and RESTROOMS is also key. Companies hold picnics in parks, ballparks, sports arenas, and community centers. The most popular place to hold a picnic is at the company facilities. If you plan to book a venue for your company picnic, it is never too early to book! Venues tend to book up to a year in advance! The company facilities are the easiest picnic venue to book. It is simple and everyone knows where to go!

Can you help me plan my whole picnic?
Bounce It Out Events will be as involved as you would like us to be. We can handle all aspects of your party, from planning to day-of setup. If there are certain aspects of your event you would like to plan on your own, that is fine as well! We want to be your partner in success, so we will be only as involved as you want us to be.

What should I do for my picnic?
When you meet with us to start planning your picnic, we will try to learn what your company is all about. Are you a white collar company with mostly an older crowd? Or are you a younger company with lots of young families? These two events will look drastically different and need to be planned totally different. We help guide you through these decisions. We have thousands of events worth of experience to help guide you through all these important decisions.

What should I use for a venue for my company picnic?
We have done company picnics in ballparks, company picnics in parks, and picnics at the venue of the company itself! Venues tend to book up quickly and far in advance. This is by far one of the hardest parts of planning a company picnic.

What kind of food should I have at my company picnic?
The type of food you have at your picnic is not as important as how it is served. It may be tempting to have four different types of food trucks at your event to serve 4,000 people, but what happens when the taco truck runs out of tacos? You need to make sure that the food service at your event is SIMPLE, FAST, and SUFFICIENT. Bounce It Out Events takes great pride in its picnic food service. We guarantee short lines and great food.

What types of companies throw company picnics?
Most companies know that boosting employee morale is very important to the success of a company. So the answer is quite simple - most companies throw company picnics? What easier way is there to getting everyone together to celebrate success? Allowing employees to bring their families to events has been shown to boost morale and create lasting memories.