Event Provider Selection

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What should you look for in an event provider?

At Bounce It Out Events, we believe there are four pillars of a great event production company: Safety, Cleanliness, Experience and Selection. Read more below about how we define these four pillars and what sets us apart from our competition!

We focus on providing the safest possible conditions for all of our equipment. Safety encompasses a variety of scenarios and things to look out for including: age and style of equipment, proper anchoring, trained and competent staff, review of safety training at setup and insurance.
When selecting the equipment we provide, we ensure it meets the newest ASTM requirements, it has proper netting and safety equipment to avoid injury, the equipment is constructed in a safe way and we turn our inventory over regularly to keep it in tip-top shape!
It doesn’t really matter how safe the equipment you purchase is if it isn’t installed properly. The ASTM publishes regulations for the inflatable industry on best practices of securing inflatables. Whether we’re setup on grass and using stakes or pavement with sandbags, we understand how to secure the Inflatable properly to ensure it doesn’t end up on the evening news! We also train you at delivery on what conditions deem unsafe operation and when to exit and how to shutdown the equipment if this situation arises.
We hold regular training and safety meetings with all of our staff. Our team members are knowledgeable on where to setup and how to properly install all of our equipment. We take into account slope, overhead lines and setup surfaces to ensure proper installation. Once our team completes the setup, we instruct our customers on safe operation and rules. We walk around all equipment explaining proper use and safety requirements. Finally, we know that customer service is what matters most. We only hire the friendliest of staff to ensure that you receive the best service from your initial contact through event completion.
Not all inflatable companies carry the proper insurance for operation. We carry commercial liability with a $2,000,000 aggregate, workman’s comp to protect our staff and commercial auto on all of our vehicles. When selecting a company, make sure to ask them for their insurance certificate.

We make sure all of our equipment is cleaned to the highest of standards between each rental. We founded our business on only offering the cleanest and newest looking equipment. Everyone has seen that old ragged inflatable at an event and questioned “Who would even let their child inside?” Having two kids of our own, we live by the principle of “If I wouldn’t want my child to play on it, why would I rent it to someone else?” Upon delivery of every inflatable, we also give it a thorough inspection to ensure customer satisfaction.

Ever been to Disney World and experienced the magic of their theme parks? That’s the exact same experience we strive to replicate in our business. We focus on making your event magical and how it’s all put together a mystery! We hide cords and equipment to make sure the behind the scenes doesn’t become the focal point of your guests. We focus on all your senses to give your guests a complete sensory experience. Imagine walking into an event and seeing all the vibrant colors of the inflatables and rides, smelling the aroma of popcorn, funnel cakes or burgers and hearing the sounds of laughter as kids run through the event site! We do all this by providing unique attractions, trained staff that replicate our company vision and a safe environment.

At Bounce It Out, we understand what customers are looking for from an event provider. We offer a variety of equipment for different age groups including bounce houses, slides, interactive and sports games, obstacle courses, and more. We use this variety of inflatables to build a base for any event. After we understand your demographic and desired age group, we can build off this base with giant games, mechanical rides, picnic classic games and creative fun stations. We also offer a variety of entertainers from face painters and balloon twisters to stilt walkers and petting zoos. Having the necessary equipment to build any event from a backyard party to a large company picnic, we’re your one stop shop for all of your event needs!