How to Takedown a Bounce House

What's the proper way to takedown a bounce house?

At Bounce It Out Events, we offer customer pickups on our bounce houses and thought there's no better way to inform our customers on proper takedown, than a step by step tutorial.

The first and most important step of the process is to have a high quality inflatable. Without this integral step of the process, everything else is to waste. That's why we purchase inflatables from reputable manufacturers like EZ Inflatables. EZ Inflatables produces a high quality inflatable that meets all ASTM standards and most importantly is manufactured right here in the USA.

After selecting the perfect inflatable of your choice from our selection, you can setup your pick-up appointment at our warehouse with one of our trained staff members. They will check you in, load your inflatable for you, give you an instruction sheet and point you to the video contained in this post.

Once your bounce house rental comes to an end, it's time to pack up the inflatable and return it to our warehouse. This will give you the proper direction on how to deflate, fold and roll your inflatable.

To begin the process, you will need to power off the blower. Simply turn the switch to the off position and the inflatable will begin to fall to the ground. It is a good tip to be ready to push the inflatable forward as it falls, so that it will not block the deflation zipper when it falls.

After the bouncer falls to the ground, you'll want to disconnect the blower tube and open the deflation zipper.

Begin walking the air out of the bounce house and pull the top front and back tucking the cone tops to make a nice flat surface with only the roof of the inflatable exposed. Now we're ready to fold the inflatable for rolling.

We begin folding our inflatables by folding in the step. Next we will fold the side opposite of the blower tube over with the end of the fold ending at the side of the step and making a straight line to the side of the deflation zipper. We then fold the remaining third back over to meet the far side.

Once we have the inflatable folded properly, it's time to get ready to roll it up for transport. We begin by walking out as much air as possible before we begin the rolling process. Once we have the air out, we begin rolling at the entry step and roll backwards towards the deflation zipper.

Once the inflatable is completely rolled up, we unroll it back a foot or so and fold in the last section to the seam, making sure only the bottom of the inflatable is exposed during transport. We complete the roll by tying off the straps and securing the roll.

You'll complete your rental by loading the inflatable back into the vehicle you used to transport it and returning it to our warehouse. We appreciate your business and hope you had a satisfactory experience with Bounce It Out Events! We look forward to renting to you again in the future!