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Mobile Rock Wall

Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Rental in Jacksonville Florida

We'll bring the mountain to you to climb!

Can you make the climb up the rock face to the top and declare yourself victor? Our mobile rock climbing wall is an excellent addition to your next company picnic, school carnival or church festival. Two of our highly trained staff will suit your climbers up in gear and attach them to a safety line. Use the rock holds to make your way to the top and ring the buzzer. An auto belay system softly lowers you back to the ground in complete safety.

*We provide setup, teardown and staffing of all rented equipment
*Up to three hours of party time is included in your rental (additional hours may be purchased)
*Power supply located within 50ft of rental
*Setup area should be free of debris and pet droppings. Grass should be cut before arrival
*Capacity 3 patrons
*Throughput 60-120 per hour