Inflatable Centerpieces

What types of inflatables make great centerpieces?

Usually when we talk about centerpiece attractions at events, we are referencing some type of mechanical ride with huge WOW factor potential. Thanks to our friends over at NFLATABLES, we are able to also include inflatables in this category!

Originally, Cutting Edge Creations they have been manufacturing high quality inflatables here in the United States for thirty years. Today they are the leader in creating eye catching pieces that will take your breathe away when you see them at your event. With the introduction of digital vinyl printers, their inflatables truly appear as if they are alive!

The majority of companies in the business today offer the same generic colors and boring styles as everyone else. That's why we are introducing a great selection of inflatables from NFLATABLES to give your event a pop of style! These pieces are much larger than many of the other inflatables we carry and their designs are truly remarkable.

The first inflatable we'll be debuting for our corporate customers will be the Monster Truck Combo. As seen below, this inflatable is huge and the attention to detail is amazing. It's sure to grab everyone's attention as they enter your event site!

The second inflatable we'll be debuting this year for our large event customers will be the three lane Kongo Krazy slide. This 28ft slide will tower over your event site! The huge T-Rex and King Kong will be sure to wow everyone that see it. This is slide is sure to have your guests talking about your event for weeks and months to come!

If you're looking to bring your event to the next level, then make sure to give us a call and let us make your next event the BEST EVENT EVER!