Mechanical Bull History

Why you need a mechanical bull at your next event!

Can you last eight seconds on one of our mechanical bulls? We offer mechanical bulls rentals all over the Southeast and have the best operators in the business! Our bulls have presets with varying difficulties and our operators have full control over the buck, spin and speed. Whether you're looking to perform like a true rodeo cowboy or just want the experience of a slow graceful ride, we can provide the fun!

Our bulls begin with the high quality craftsmanship of Galaxy Multirides with all of their bulls being constructed right here in the good ole U.S. of A! They use only the best materials, newest safety features and have tons of attachments if the standard bull isn't your thing. All of their bulls are covered in real hides and they construct all of them in Port Charlotte, Florida.

History of the Mechancial Bull

Mechanical bucking riding devices were first introduced in the 1930s with an original ride debuting at Bertrand Island Amusement Park in New Jersey, as a bucking bronco named Ride Em' Cowboy! The devices later became popular bar staples in country western bars all over the country. Mechancial bulls received mainstream attention and notoriety with the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta and Debra Winger. John Travolta rides an El Toro brand bull in the movie and those bulls are still in production to this day!

While the El Toro bull is still in production today, it lacks the modern safety features that our Galaxy mechanical bulls provide. With a lanyard photocell kill switch, the bull automatically shutsdown when the rider is thrown from the bull. This added safety feature instantly stops the bull's movement and protects the rider from injury from the operator failing to stop the bull. All of these featureas make modern mechanical bulls some of the safest of interactive game pieces on the market today!

Mechanical bulls work great as event centerpieces, fit perfectly in western themed events and are excellent solo attractions. Our mechanical bulls breakdown into several small pieces that can easily be transported to fit almost anywhere. The overall footprint of the attraction is quite small and works well indoors or out. This allows you to have great flexibility on where we setup your mechanical bull rental. Even though our bulls fit in a variety of places big or small, they pack a huge punch in the WOW Factor department. Your event attendees are sure to get loads of laughs and pictures of everyone attempting to master the bull.

Mechanical bulls not only pack a huge punch in the entertainment and fun departments, they are also an excellent value. Our mechanical bull rentals are the most affordable of all our mechanical rides. Our rentals include a base rate of three hours and since they only need one of our friendly operators, the recurring hourly rate is the most affordable of all of our mechanical rides as well. Give us a call to include a mechanical bull in your next event! They're great for all ages!